Yardian/Yardian Pro Manual Firmware Update



New features are added to your Yardian from time to time, and sometimes they require firmware updates. For firmware versions earlier than 6.6.5, you’ll need to use a USB drive to update manually. Once you have a firmware version of 6.6.5 or newer, you can simply start the firmware update process in your app for future updates through the OTA (over-the-air) automatic update mechanism.
Note: Firmware OTA update will be available soon in the Yardian app version 3.10.5.

Manual Firmware Update Using A USB Drive

Prepare The USB Drive

For the USB drive, FAT32 format is required.

  1. Please download the zip file.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file and save the firmware file(s) in a USB drive.
    DO NOT put them in any folder.

Update firmware for Yardian Pro

  1. Insert the USB drive, then press the reboot button.

  2. Press and hold both the select button and run/stop button while the LED is still red.

    Release the buttons when you see the LED turn blue. The LED will continue to change colors while installing the firmware.

    Please DO NOT turn off the power during this process.

  3. The system will be rebooted automatically when the update is completed. You can remove the USB drive.